Who We Are - CBC - Commercial Bank of California (2024)

Our Philosophy

  • Our Purpose: To Promote Life Wealth
  • Our Vision: To Transform the Way You Think About Banking
  • Our Mission: To Empower Our Team, Clients and Communities

CBC is one of the nation’s highest capitalized banks founded by entrepreneurial business owners and led by a talented team with an ownership mindset. CBC is a full-service, FDIC-insured, business bank headquartered in Irvine, California. The company is owned, built, and run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

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"I have the ability to thrive at CBC by doing what is most important to me - creating deeply loyal and symbiotic relationships with my clients and colleagues."

Patty McAdamsSenior Vice President, Regional Manager | Costa Mesa Regional Office

Our culture of innovation supports our drive to transform business banking in the region. We invest in our team, our partnerships, and in fin-tech products to democratize banking in a way that supports our clients’ businesses in ways they never thought possible. Legendary business leaders such as the late General William Lyon and Paul Folino founded and led our bank to success for many years. CBC is owned by Alex Meruelo, who serves on our Board of Directors, and inspires us to take the best practices and experience of the Meruelo Group family of businesses to deliver customized, highly personalized and innovative banking services to small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our Leadership Approach

We are devoted to a conscious leadership model that embraces inspiration over motivation. We believe the most successful companies have cohesive values throughout the entire team and rely on transparency and alignment of culture. Our leadership team is committed to building an institution to which all stakeholders, employees, clients, executive management, investors, and the community are proud to be a part.

These Are The Values By Which We Live

We Value Leadership – We are a Trusted Advisor
We are much more than a bank. Our holistic approach is what helps our clients manage and grow their businesses. There was someone there for us when we first started, and we want to be that someone for our clients, because our clients’ financial goals are our top priority.

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"At CBC, “Our Solutions, Your Success” is more than just a slogan. We see every day how our Solutions – our loan, deposit, payment, and other products – contribute to the success of our clients, and that the success of the Bank inevitably follows."

Tom McCullough,Executive Vice President

We Value Relationships – We are a Committed Partner

We partner in our clients’ successes. And we partner in their struggles. Their vision and goals are our vision and goals. Because we are a private bank, we don’t have to answer to shareholders. Instead, we choose to answer to our clients and help them achieve their dreams.

We Value Innovation – We are Fearless

We don’t want to put a box around what we can do for our clients. We are relentless learners and innovators dedicated to being on the leading edge of trends and fin-tech products. And by doing so, we are transforming the way people think about banking.

We Value Loyalty – We are Accountable
We have built CBC to be a legacy bank that is not at risk of being sold. This is a job for life, and a bank for life. Being private allows us to make decisions in the best interest of our team and our clients. And that’s what we will do day in and day out.

We Are Setting Ourselves Apart From Other Business Banks In Southern California

CBC was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and is the trusted partner to our clients. A transformative mindset and a sense of ownership is at the foundation of CBC’s culture. Every CBC team member is inspired and empowered to take on ownership of everything they do at the company.

We are creating a bank that does not exist yet. And possibility is limited only by our imagination. We are forging new roads and not losing faith. By staying true to our core principals, we can achieve life wealth for our employees and for our clients.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve built a foundation rooted in integrity, fearless leadership, and a dedication to a purposeful approach to banking. And we will continue that from this day forward.

Bringing you the best service in the business. Always.

Have you heard of a bank that has a Client Experience team? We hadn’t either, that is until we created our own.

Meet the team that brings you the highest level of client service along with industry expertise, guidance and passion along the way. CBC’s Client Experience (CX) approach is all about mapping every touch-point our clients have with our team members and streamlining this process in order to better anticipate needs while providing services and solutions our clients didn’t even know they needed.

Each CBC employee embodies our CX team’s values – from our leaders to the incredible team members that help you every day. We all live and breathe the importance of prioritizing our clients.

So what makes our team different? Well, it’s not only great service, it’s great people. And we’re here to help YOU scale your business and move the needle.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is considered the “gold standard of client experience metrics.” Our team garnered an NPS of 81 in 2020, putting CBC in the top 25% of businesses. For reference, the global benchmark for NPS of over 160,000 businesses is 31.

Our 2020 NPS score revealed that nearly 90% of our client are “very satisfied” with our services and expertise, and 94% of client rate their experience of “very high quality” and “high quality.”

Thank you for your continued partnership, loyalty and trust in us. We are honored to provide you and your business with the highest level of service and expertise.

Join Our Team

CBC’s goal is to empower our team of professionals to make purposeful decisions for our clients and to thrive in their careers.

We work tirelessly to inspire our team to excel in every interaction from large scale collaborative deals to every day interactions with colleagues.

We’re building a bank for life, that isn’t at risk of being sold. And means that our employees can have a job for life too.

As someone deeply immersed in the realm of banking and financial institutions, I bring forth a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the subject matter. My experience spans across various facets of the banking industry, allowing me to delve into the intricate details of banking philosophy, purpose, vision, and mission.

Now, let's dissect the concepts presented in the provided article:

  1. Philosophy and Purpose:

    • The bank, CBC, is driven by a purpose to promote "Life Wealth."
    • Emphasis on transforming the way people think about banking.
  2. Vision:

    • CBC aspires to transform the way individuals perceive banking.
  3. Mission:

    • CBC's mission is to empower its team, clients, and communities.
    • Described as one of the highest capitalized banks, CBC is positioned as a full-service, FDIC-insured business bank based in Irvine, California.
  4. Leadership:

    • The leadership approach is conscious, focusing on inspiration over motivation.
    • Values cohesion, transparency, and alignment of culture throughout the entire team.
  5. Core Values:

    • Leadership: CBC positions itself as a trusted advisor, offering holistic solutions to help clients manage and grow their businesses.
    • Relationships: CBC is a committed partner, aligning its vision and goals with those of its clients.
    • Innovation: The bank values fearlessness in exploring new possibilities and staying at the leading edge of trends and fin-tech products.
    • Loyalty: CBC emphasizes accountability, aiming to be a legacy bank that is not at risk of being sold.
  6. Setting Apart from Other Banks:

    • CBC distinguishes itself as a bank founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
    • A transformative mindset and a sense of ownership are highlighted as foundational to CBC's culture.
  7. Client Experience (CX):

    • CBC boasts a dedicated Client Experience (CX) team focused on mapping every touch-point with clients.
    • The CX team aims to anticipate needs and provide services and solutions clients may not have considered.
    • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is mentioned, indicating a high level of client satisfaction and placing CBC in the top 25% of businesses globally.
  8. Recruitment and Team Empowerment:

    • CBC invites professionals to join its team, emphasizing the goal of empowering team members to make purposeful decisions for clients and thrive in their careers.

In essence, CBC positions itself as a forward-thinking, client-centric bank with a strong emphasis on innovation, loyalty, and a commitment to empowering both its team and clients. The provided information showcases a holistic approach to banking, underpinned by a unique philosophy and a dedication to transforming the traditional banking experience.

Who We Are - CBC - Commercial Bank of California (2024)


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